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When our community has questions about what it means to be a member of a credit union, we aim to provide greater answers. Some of the more general, frequently asked questions are straightforward. Others are more specific and deserve to be treated with specific services that Greater Niagara FCU offers. 

Have you ever been too shy or embarrassed to ask how to refinance an existing loan? What about the added perks and rewards of banking at a credit union? Or maybe you want to continue your education but feel uncomfortable asking anyone in person how to pay for tuition so you ask the internet. Greater Niagara FCU is here with not only answers to those types of questions and more, but we’re here to help you reach your greater financial goals. 

Should I apply for a credit card where I bank or through a major credit card company?

Great question! Large credit card companies come with their own sets of pros and cons. There’s national support, a wide network of businesses who accept those cards, rewards, etc. A credit card through Greater Niagara FCU offers you all that—and more. Greater Niagara FCU Members can apply for a credit card that features no annual , balance transfer, or cash advance fees, and handsome rewards. What’s more, the credit card Members receive through Greater Niagara FCU are actually VISA® cards, giving you the worldwide acceptance that comes with a large credit card company with the lower, non-variable rates on purchases and cash advances that come with choosing a credit union!

I had an unexpected emergency expense and don’t want to be penalized for missing a payment on one of my loans. What do I do?

The first thing you should do is not panic. The second thing you should do is take advantage of one of our helpful financial solutions—Skip-A-Pay. Greater Niagara FCU Skip-A-Pay allows you to choose the month you’d like to “skip” a payment. You can use this option once a year for a processing fee, as long as none of your Greater Niagara FCU loans have been delinquent in the past six months and the loan has been on the books for at least six months. 

How do I know which ATMs are the best for my credit union checking account?

Greater Niagara FCU is a member of the CO-OP Credit Unions, providing our members with shared, fee-free ATM access across the country—more than any one bank is able to offer. If at any time you’re unsure if an ATM is CO-OP-included, you can use the CO-OP ATM Locator to check for the closest available machine to you. 

I want to buy a new (well, used, but new to me) RV and boat. Where do I start?

Well, you start by becoming a Member of Greater Niagara FCU. Already a Member? (Look at us asking the questions now!) Perfect. You can then begin the preapproval application process so you can shop with an actual budget in mind. Our Loan Officers will walk you through each step of the preapproval process. Then, once you’ve found that perfect new (or used) RV, boat, jetski, catamaran, snowmobile, or whatever else you have your eyes on, we can set the RV or boat loan wheels in motion and get you on your way toward your next great outdoor adventure! 

I know I want to switch from my current bank to Greater Niagara FCU but I don’t know how to do it. We’re flattered! So much so that we’ve made switching to a Greater Niagara FCU checking account as simple as possible with our Switch Kit. Download our Switch Kit form to advise your current bank that you want to close your existing checking account. We understand that you probably have automatic withdrawals and deposits in and out of your existing account, and it’s not always easy to notify them. Our Switch Kit can be used to alert any company, business, or government agency that deposits and withdrawals will be from your new greater Niagara FCU checking account!