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At Greater Niagara Federal Credit Union, we understand what matters most to our members. One of the things we and our members value the most is time. We also understand that getting to a branch isn’t always the most time-efficient or convenient. That’s why we offer our members the ability, convenience and flexibility to bank from anywhere—including the comfort of your own home—with Greater Niagara FCU online banking

Home (or online) banking with Greater Niagara FCU has multiple levels of security built in so members can rest assured when transferring funds, paying bills, applying for loans, accessing single or joint accounts, and much more. 

Perhaps the most convenient addition to the online banking services Greater Niagara FCU offers its members is the Greater Niagara FCU Mobile App. Our app—available in the App Store and on Google Play—offers all of the features available through online banking with the added convenience of accessing, transferring, and depositing funds from anywhere through your mobile device. The Greater Niagara FCU allows you to access account info in real time, transfer funds between linked accounts, access our convenient BillPay system, and even deposit checks with your phone! 

There are a few important details to note regarding depositing checks through the Greater Niagara FCU mobile app:

  • The deadline to submit a check via mobile deposit is 3:15PM, Monday through Friday. Checks deposited outside of those hours will be processed during the next business day. 
  • Checks deposited through the mobile app after 3:15PM on Friday will be processed after 3:15PM on the following Monday. 
  • Make sure you double check. Once you’ve completed a mobile deposit and it’s initiated, it cannot be removed from the Greater Niagara FCU mobile deposit queue unless we reject it. 
  • A deposited check is rejected if it is not properly endorsed. So just as you would sign the back of a check before depositing it in-person at a branch, you must do so before a mobile deposit as well as write the following on the back of the check:
    • For mobile deposit only at Greater Niagara Federal Credit Union.

When life gets busy, Greater Niagara FCU makes it easy to get your banking done quickly, safely, and efficiently with our online banking and mobile app. Get connected today and start saving greater!