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What Is TruStage Insurance?

TruStage Insurance is insurance designed for members of a credit union. The products and programs offer competitive rates, helpful guidance, and resources, along with simple, straightforward insurance policies. As an established firm protecting over 20 million under their coverage, TruStage coverages help you plan your future with insurance policies that fit your lifestyle and budget while adding value you can trust.

Life Insurance Through TruStage

Protecting your family is simple and painless thanks to TruStage. There are no tedious medical exams required, and if approved, coverage begins as soon as the first premium is received. Though sometimes difficult to consider, life insurance is an important step in making sure your family remains financially taken care of for the remainder of life.

Auto Insurance Through TruStage

TruStage auto insurance partners directly with Liberty Mutual to deliver protection that’s easy to get and easy to understand under competitive rate offerings. What are the benefits of choosing auto insurance through TruStage? 

  • Customized options. 
  • 24-Hour roadside assistance from a dedicated team.
  • 24-Hour claims assistance.  
  • Accident forgiveness which means your rates won’t increase due to a first accident.
  • And more!

GAP Insurance

Maybe you’ve applied for an auto loan before and have a loan officer ask you about GAP insurance.

GAP insurance, short for Guaranteed Asset Protection, is used in the event your vehicle is deemed a total loss by your insurance company and you owe more than the insurance company payout. This type of coverage policy protects you—the borrower—by paying the difference between the actual cash value of your vehicle after the accident and the outstanding loan balance.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Through TruStage   

Accidental death & dismemberment insurance is NOT life insurance, instead, it can enhance your overall protection and add coverage for specific injuries from accidents. This makes AD&D insurance a helpful compliment to life insurance. AD&D insurance pays cash benefits for covered injuries caused by an accident. These types of injuries can include: 

  • Loss of Eyesight
  • Hearing or Speech Loss
  • The Loss of a Limb 
  • And More

The money received can be used to cover any expenses you may incur as you focus on what’s most important—your recovery.

Ensuring Greater Trust

Founded on more than 80 years of experience, TruStage Insurance is the insurance trusted by Greater Niagara Federal Credit Union Members, and 20 million people altogether. Access to coverages, policies, and services like this is just one of the many reasons why it’s beneficial to join a credit union as we all work to make our community greater. Protect yourself and your loved ones with insurance designed to be affordable.