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Unpacking Better Budgeting Tips for Travel

Six Money-Saving Tips for Your Next Trip

With spring finally here, and summer fast approaching, now is the time the travel bug begins creeping into everyone’s minds — and wallets. Here’s how you can have a great time seeing the sights without losing sight of your budget.

Avoid Peak Season

Every destination has a peak travel season, and no matter where you’re going the travel industry is just waiting to take advantage of high demand. For example, Florida’s peak travel season is March to August, when the weather’s hot and the beaches are crowded with too many tourists trying to soak up the sun. This is the time the travel industry will start upping the prices of services, commodities, accommodations, and anything else you expect to find on vacation. Instead of booking during these in-demand months, opt for the seasons less traveled such as September and February for Florida which are referred to as the shoulder seasons. Plus, smaller crowds are easier to navigate and take up less of your precious vacation time.

Book Flights in Advance

Most airlines offer discounts to passengers who book weeks and even months ahead of their scheduled departure date. The more time you’re booked ahead, the more time you have to plan out your perfect travel plan, (or as close to perfect as traveling gets). For example, Southwest Airlines offers a Fall Sale with flights as little as $59 so if you’re looking to depart in spring booking in advance can save you big bucks.

Take Advantage of Public Transportation

Public transportation is almost always less pricey than hailing a cab or booking a private ride like Uber or Lyft, and can take you pretty much wherever you want to go throughout your destination. If you’re planning on traveling between cities or even countries, look into purchasing a train ticket. Trains are a cheaper alternative to flying and are often much easier than trying to navigate a busy airport.

Peruse for Possible Points

Depending on what credit card you use, you may be racking up travel reward miles, hotel points, and more with every purchase. Whether you’re visiting the sun and surf, or planning a staycation close to home, you can save money by using points to replace cash-value goods and services. Points and miles can also be used to access luxury travel opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach such as first-class tickets or an upgraded suite. 

Work Remote While You Travel

If you’re looking for an extended stay but don’t want to lose out on a paycheck consider working remotely. Remote work has become somewhat of the new normal and is relatively easy to take  your office on the go. As long as you’re able to stay connected, you can keep earning money while seeing the world.

Travel with Greater Niagara FCU

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