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Being a member of the Greater Niagara FCU certainly has its benefits. In addition to access to hassle-free checking and savings accounts, competitively priced loans, insurance policies, and more, you can take advantage of several other perks and benefits available in our branches and participating stores and retailers. 

Greater Niagara FCU Convenience Products

VISA® Gift Cards

These are the perfect gift for any occasion! No need to limit a gift card to one specific retailer or online store. Available at both branches, fees apply. Please call for details.

Money Orders

Greater Niagara FCU money orders are an inexpensive way to securely and confidently pay your bills. Available at both GNFCU branches.

Foreign Currency

Traveling abroad? Crossing borders for work? You may want to consider ordering some foreign currency before you go. Order foreign currency through either Greater Niagara FCU branch with up-to-date currency rates that don’t require you to wait in line at Customs. Please call for details.

VISA® Travel Cards

Say, “Bon voyage!” to traveler’s cheques. Reloadable VISA Travel Debit cards are the greater convenience option. It also presents a flexible alternative to using your primary Greater Niagara FCU VISA® debit card when traveling. Travel across the country or the world with ease when you use VISA® Travel Cards. Fees apply. Call today for more details.

Member Discounts

Greater Niagara Federal Credit Union members enjoy added perks allowing them to save even more money. Gas and car wash savings and more can all be enjoyed when you open any type of Greater Niagara FCU account.

Being a member has its rewards! Visit Love My Credit Union Rewards to learn more about great savings on everything from entertainment to travel.