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When it comes to making financial decisions on where and how to bank, a credit union is a great alternative to commercial banking. With lower fees, competitive rates, attentive customer service, multiple locations, and more, members always know their money is in great hands at Greater Niagara FCU, a member of the NY Credit Union Association

Greater Niagara FCU streamlines the entire banking process and betters our community with upfront rates and services. We all know how frustrating overdraft fees are. We understand the hassle of having to go to the grocery store for a money order. We know maintaining a minimum balance in your account to avoid additional fees isn’t always on the top of your priority list. 

As a local credit union, Greater Niagara FCU helps our communities grow by making any and all fees transparent and known. Your loan officer could be your child’s little league coach. Your teller? They might be your neighbor! By offering lower banking fees, we take steps together towards helping our community grow, one transaction at a time.

With updated fee schedules, you are always aware of the upfront cost of managing your money. We’re able to pass on savings to our members and offer lower fees than commercial banks which means in most circumstances, it will cost you less to have an account with a credit union than with a traditional bank. Credit unions can also offer members lower loan rates. Greater Niagara FCU members can earn more on deposits as we pass on surplus funds to our members through higher interest rates on accounts! You can review all of the Greater Niagara FCU by-laws here.

Want to learn more about our 2020-2021 Fee Schedule? Read below or click here

2020-2021 Fee Schedule:

Share Draft Account Fees:

  • Non Sufficient Funds: $25.00/Item
  • Returned Deposited Item: $25.00/Item
  • Stop Payment: $25.00/Item
  • Courtesy Pay Fee: $25.00/Item

Other Service Fees:

  • Savings Account Transactions: $1.00/Applicable Transaction
    • (When The Amount Is Over The Stated “Reg D” Limits.)
      • Regulation D is a federal regulation that all federally insured financial institutions must comply with. This regulation places limits on the type and number of withdrawals or transfers per month from non-transaction accounts (i.e. share savings, money market).
  • Items Sent For Collection: $25.00/Item
  • Certified Check: $25.00/Check
  • Check Protest: $25.00/Check
  • Stop Payment: $25.00/Item
  • Money Order: $1.00/$1,000.00
  • Wire Transfer: Outgoing: $25.00
  • Visa Gift Card: $3.00
  • Visa Travel Card: $4.75
  • Debit or Credit Card Replacement: $15.00
  • Visa Travel Chip Card: $7.95
  • Dormant Account: $5.00/Month
    • (After 1 Year Or The Remainder Of The Account If Under Required Membership Balance.)
  • Abandoned Property Fee: $100.00
    • Each year the State of New York requires all credit unions and banks to turn over all account balances that are considered to be abandoned (no activity over the past three years). These funds may be reclaimed by their owner for a fee.)
  • Non-Notification of Address Change: $10.00/Month
  • Deposited Foreign Item Return: $35.00/Item
  • Deposited Item Return: $25.00/Item
  • Foreign Item Processing: $10.00/Item
  • Check Copy: $2.00/Copy + Research Fee
  • Statement Copy: $1.00/Page + Research Fee
  • Account Activity Printout: $1.00/Page
  • Account Reconciliation: $30.00/Hour
  • Account Research: $30.00/Hour
  • Restraining Notices: $50.00
  • Tax Levy/Garnishment: $50.00
  • Closed Account Fee: $10.00 (Or Balance, If Lower)
    • (For Shares, $25.00 For Checking If Closed Within 90 Days Of Opening.)
  • Bill Pay: $5.00/Month (After 3 Months Of Non-Use.)
  • Lien Replacement Fee: $10.00
  • Loan Late Fee: $25.00 (After 5 Days)
  • Savings Check Withdrawal: $5.00/Check

Other Service Fees

  • Par Value of One Share: $5.00
    • Par value (or face value) is the stated value of the financial instrument at the time it is issued. Par value is more commonly used with bonds than with stocks. The par value is the lowest legal price for which a corporation may sell its shares.

ATM Fees

Both of our branches (Military Road & Ward Road) have 24-hour surcharge fee ATMs. Please visit https://co-opcreditunions.org/locator/ to find nearly 30,000 surcharge fee ATMs. Fees may apply if you are using out-of-network ATMs or are requesting cash back at retail locations.

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Ready to Benefit Greater?

Choose a banking solution that puts you, the client, first. At a non-profit credit union, you’re a member, not just a customer. Contact one of our financial advisors today and let’s see if your financial position would benefit from our services. 

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