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Effective August 1, 2020

Share Draft Account Fees

Non Sufficient Funds


Returned Deposited Item


Stop Payment


Courtesy Pay Fee


Other Service Fees

Savings Account Transactions

$1.00/Applicable Transaction

When amount is over the stated "Reg D" limits.

Items Sent For Collection


Certified Check


Check Protest


Stop Payment


Money Order


Wire Transfer: Outgoing


Visa Gift Card


Visa Travel Card


Debit or Credit Card Replacement


Visa Travel Chip Card


Dormant Account


After 1 year or remainder of account if under required Membership Balance.

Abandoned Property Fee


Non-notification of Address Change


Deposited Foreign Item Return


Deposited Item Return


Foreign Item Processing


Check Copy

$2.00/Copy + Research Fee

Statement Copy

$1.00/Page + Research Fee

Account Activity Printout


Account Reconciliation


Account Research


Restraining Notices


Tax Levy/Garnishment


Closed Account Fee

$10.00 (Or Balance, If Lower)

For Shares, $25.00 for Checking if closed within 90 days of opening

Bill Pay


After 3 months of non-use.

Lien Replacement Fee


Loan Late Fee

$25.00 (After 5 Days)

Savings Check Withdrawal


Other Service Fees

Par Value of One Share