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Five Services Members Consistently Benefit From

Thinking about joining a credit union? Greater Niagara FCU has a number of top-notch services members benefit from every single day. Unlike banks, credit unions are owned by their members which means profits earned are given back to members through lower fees and higher savings rates. Keep reading to discover greater services offered to members of the Greater Niagara Federal Credit Union.

Personalized Customer Service

First and foremost, the service you can always find at Greater Niagara Federal Credit Union is personalized customer service. Credit Unions are routinely praised for going above and beyond to help members reach their financial goals. For example, a survey done by Consumer Reports found that 96% of credit union members were highly satisfied with their credit union. 

At Greater Niagara FCU, we’re no different. It is our mission to provide personalized, quality financial services that meet the lifetime needs of you and your family. What are those financial services? We’re glad you asked!

Home Banking

When time is money, you need the ability to access financial information quickly and from anywhere — especially in an increasingly online world. Greater Niagara FCU offers members full-time access to all your accounts through a single login that can be used on any device. Our multiple levels of security make the following tasks completely safe…

  • Transfer Funds
  • Pay Bills 
  • Apply for Loans 
  • Access Joint Accounts

Do all this and more from the comfort of your own home when you enroll in our online banking service.

Loan Services

At Greater Niagara FCU we have several types of loan options that are competitively priced and available to members. We offer attractive rates and terms to fit your budget and help you work toward your financial goals. This is due to the not-for-profit, tax-exempt business structure of our credit union which allows any profit earned to be returned to you through low interest rates. Loan options include…

Auto Loans

Personal Loans

Student Loans


Boat & RV Loans

And More!

If you’re considering applying for a loan but not sure where to start, we have experienced loan officers who will speak to you and help you through the application process.

Credit Card Services

Your wallet deserves the best, and that’s why we highly recommend making a Greater Niagara FCU Visa Credit Card a part of your finances. Our credit card service is supported by exceptional benefits designed to make your buying experiences better. This includes zero annual fees, worldwide access, purchases that pay you back with ScoreCard® Rewards, and no added costs for cash advances or balance transfers. Want to learn more? 

Apply today to get started.

Convenience Products

It is not unusual for credit unions to partner with local organizations in order to keep earnings circulating throughout the community. As a part of our commitment to top notch service, we offer members convenience products and discounts both throughout our branches and through participating stores and retailers. When you join Greater Niagara FCU you can purchase Visa gift cards, place money orders, order foreign currency, and even purchase a reloadable Visa travel card. Plus, as a member you can enjoy added perks like discounted movie tickets, gas and car wash savings, and more when you visit Love My Credit Union Rewards.

Becoming a Greater Niagara FCU Member

Anyone who lives, works, worships, attends school, or conducts business in Erie or Niagara County is eligible for membership to Greater Niagara FCU. Once we’re connected, we can schedule a time to review this opportunity and more.