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Take advantage of the convenient and easy ways to make purchases at millions of locations worldwide, enjoy cash back perks at certain establishments, and withdraw cash or check your balances at ATMs, all with a checking account through Greater Niagara FCU. 

Convenience? Check. No minimum balance? Check. Greater Niagara FCU checking accounts present easy and secure opportunities to pay, save, and grow. 

Available funds in your checking account can be used to pay for whatever you need, at a wide variety of locations. Whether you’re swiping for cocktails on vacation or stopping for milk on the way home, you can count on your Greater Niagara FCU VISA® Debit Card. 

Instant issue debit cards are available now at both Greater Niagara FCU locations. Plus, if your debit card is lost, stolen, or worn out, you can now receive an active replacement debit card in a matter of hours—not weeks.

Our FEE FREE ATMs are located all across the country. Find a FEE FREE ATM near you here.

Checkbook running low? Greater Niagara FCU can help you. Safely reorder books of checks for your credit union checking account here.

Reorder Checks

Overprotected from Overdrafts

Sometimes, the funds you think you have available in your checking account have yet to clear. In the event you overdraft your Greater Niagara FCU checking account, we offer two overdraft protection options:

Overdraft (LOC) Line of Credit:

This is a line of credit that transfers funds to your checking account in order to cover items that would otherwise be returned or covered by Courtesy Pay (if applicable), saving you a $25.00 fee. You are not charged unless you use the Overdraft LOC. This is based on creditworthiness and you must apply to determine if this is an option.

Courtesy Pay:

This service allows for certain items to be paid for with a $25.00 fee. There are limitations on this and it should be discussed with a Greater Niagara FCU account representative. Please note not all members are eligible for Courtesy Pay.

Please remember the best way to avoid an overdraft is to track your deposits and withdrawals including, but not limited to, any automatic payments, debit card transactions, or checks written on your account.  

Contact the credit union for an Overdraft Line of Credit application and for more information on overdraft protection options.

Open Your Greater Checking Account

With no minimum balance requirements and overdraft protection programs, Greater Niagara FCU offers checking accounts with convenience and confidence. Ready to open your new checking account as a member of Greater Niagara FCU?
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