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Five Indoor Activities to Enjoy Throughout the Snowy Season

As you probably know by now, winter time in Western New York can be unforgiving, and although you’ve most likely accepted this frigid fate, we know the snow and ice isn’t for everyone all the time. So, we’ve whipped up some indoor ideas to help you warm up.

Cozy Up with a Cup of Hot Chocolate

There’s nothing quite like wrapping your mittens around a warm mug and tasking the creamy goodness of a perfect cup of hot chocolate. Whether nestling into a cafe corner or exploring the candied wonders of your local chocolate shop, there’s no shortage of this signature sip throughout the community. Check out this list by Step Out Buffalo for the ultimate guide to Hot Chocolate: 13 Awesome Places to Get Hot Chocolate & Cider in WNY.

Visit the Buffalo Zoo

While this is not entirely an indoor activity, the Buffalo Zoo offers both indoor and outdoor attractions fit for the whole family. Both entertaining and educational, visitors are presented with information regarding the preservation and importance of different species from all over the globe and spanning across the entire animal kingdom. Take a journey through the wild this winter at one of Buffalo’s oldest attractions.

Catch a Show at Shea’s Performing Arts Center

Shea’s is the perfect outing for a night on the town and a moment away from the cold. Here you’ll enjoy live entertainment ranging from local theater productions to traveling Broadway performances. A calendar of upcoming shows is posted on their website so you can pick a day and time that work best for you.

Dip into the Niagara Aquarium

Dive into the aquatic underworld of the Niagara Aquarium, where a sea of adventures await. From seal encounters, penguin observation, and feed the rays sessions, this WNY gem is the perfect indoor outing. Take a leisurely stroll through the exhibits solo or bring friends and family along for memories made to last. Check out their list of visitor experiences!

Tour the Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens

The indoor conservatory offers a captivating experience for visitors as they self-guide themselves through the enchanting greenhouses. Each garden is meticulously maintained and offers a harmonious blend of diverse plant species , creating a vibrant and tranquil atmosphere. Whether seeking a peaceful retreat or an opportunity to marvel at the intricacies of nature, the indoor conservatory promises an enriching experience for a chilly day inside. Get more information at buffalogardens.com.

Adventure to the Greater Indoors!

In this blog post, we’ve curated a collection of indoor activities that not only shield you from frosty temperatures but  provide an escape into diverse realms of entertainment. Embrace the warmth of community, culture, and nature this winter, as we invite you to discover the joys of Western New York.