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COVID-19 sent many workers packing up their desks and moving to a remote environment. Perhaps the original transition was intended only for a temporary amount of time, but you now find yourself working from home permanently. Some companies are realizing or already have, that the job can be done at home and are now permanently moving positions out of the office in order to save money on overhead.

Adjusting to a permanently remote position can prove more difficult than you may have originally thought. Difficult or not, the hard truth is that at-home work vs. traditional in-office work is still work, and in this world of change it’s important you’re taking practical steps to make sure you’re financially secure. Read our suggested wellness tips when working from home so you can make sure you’re looking after yourself and your source of income. 

Create a Consistent Sleep Schedule

Being at home all the time means it becomes much easier to stay up and wake up later, completely messing up your sleep schedule. Losing out on sleep can result in a significant lack of productivity making you much more susceptible to stress. Creating a consistent sleep schedule gives you the greatest chance of putting your best effort forward, allowing you to have a productive and successful workday.    

Build Breaks Into Your Day

Taking lunch right at your desk, and continuing to work non-stop past the designated hours becomes much easier when your work is right there in your home. This may seem productive at the moment, however it can result in the complete opposite as you may not be putting your best effort forward. Instead of falling into the black hole of work production, try taking lunch or a walk outside, stretch your limbs every 45 minutes, or listen to a podcast on your break to turn your mind somewhere else for a little while. 

Set Up an At-Home Office

Creating a designated space in your home can help you establish a divide between your home and work life. Avoid doing things such as working in bed as it creates unhealthy boundaries that will become hard to break. Establishing a routine alongside your at-home office can help you to keep professional and financial concerns in mind as working conditions change. 

Seek Out Social Connections at Work

Working solely in solitude can get very lonely very quickly. Take the initiative to suggest your office set up a virtual happy hour if they don’t already, and if they do—go. Along with happy hour, companies can sometimes hold virtual clubs or in-person gatherings. Depending on what you’re comfortable with, ask around to see if yours does, and if they do try to connect with other coworkers who have similar interests. 
All of these things can help you maintain a health balance—whether you’re working 100% at home, transitioning into a hybrid model, or returning to the office full-time. Greater Niagara FCU is here to help you, our Members, and our communities grow greater!