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Greater Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Budget

Valentine’s Day should be about opening up your heart, not your wallet. According to the National Retail Federation, in 2022 spending reached $23.9 billion on the holiday alone, and the average American spends $221.34 each year. However, the most important and impactful way to show someone you care is by spending quality time with each other. So, here are some lovely Valentine’s Day ideas that won’t bust your budget in the process.

Stay In with a Homemade Meal

Valentine’s Day is one of the toughest days of the year to get a table out at a restaurant. Because of this, restaurants tend to charge customers a premium price for a romantic dining service. This year, skip the bill and instead enjoy a special dinner right in the comfort of your own home. Work together to make cooking the meal a memorable part of the night’s experience, and you can even make it more special by trying something new or cooking up a dish you don’t make very often. If the kitchen table feels a little too bland, try laying down a blanket in front of the fireplace or move a small table into a cozy corner for something a little more intimate. End the night with a delicious dessert that won’t break your budget.

Set Up a Romantic Movie Night

Between the buttery snacks, fizzy drinks, and costly tickets going out to the movies can result in spending a small fortune. Instead, try setting up a movie night at home this Valentine’s Day, where there’s no lines, no obnoxious talkers, and no overpriced goodies. With an at-home movie night you’re in control of what you play and when you play it. Decide on the perfect pick from any genre, or even turn the night into a movie marathon with your favorite series!

Opt for a Budget-Friendly Bouquet

Though a Valentine’s Day staple, red roses are not only over done, but overpriced. This year, by opting for a more unique flower arrangement you may not only surprise your partner, but save some money in the process. Florals such as tulips and orchids not only add a colorful flare to the special day, but can save you nearly $30! A bouquet of red roses can typically go for $60 or higher, however a bouquet of tulips is often priced as low as $13. Remember, florists can become slammed with last-minute orders the closer to Valentine’s Day it gets so try to place an order in advance to avoid paying hefty overnight fees.

Go on a Coffee Date

A coffee date is a great way to get to know someone new this Valentine’s Day while still saving in the long run. Typically, food and drink bought at your local coffee shop is much cheaper than splurging on a full restaurant meal. A coffee date can also be less intimidating for first-time couples who want to do something special but are still getting to know each other. Or, perhaps you’re a busy couple trying to carve out some time in the day to spend together. Meeting and chatting over your favorite cups of coffee, and maybe some celebratory chocolate is a great way for couples on the go to get together. 

Spend Your Time Not Your Dollars

Remember what really matters this Valentine’s Day — spending quality times with the ones you love. Try to avoid falling into consumer traps and overspending with these budget-friendly ideas we hope you take to heart.