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Applying for a Certificate of Deposit with Greater Niagara FCU

Are you interested in our recent Certificate of Deposit deal, but unsure about the details? Perhaps you’ve never even heard of a Certificate of Deposit, and wonder how you can benefit. Whatever your level of familiarity with CDs is, GNFCU is here to provide you with all the answers and insights you need to save greater at our community credit union!

What Is a Certificate of Deposit?

Great question! A Certificate of Deposit, commonly referred to as a CD, is a secure and reliable investment option for individuals looking to grow their savings over a fixed period of time. When deciding to open a CD, your bank or credit union will provide you with an Annual Percentage Yield or APY, which represents interest earned for a specific duration.

Unlike other investment avenues, CDs offer a predictable and guaranteed return on your investment, making CDs a popular choice for those seeking stability and a steady financial growth strategy.


What Are the Benefits of Opening a Certificate of Deposit?

Opening a Certificate of Deposit (CD) offers a multitude of advantages for those seeking a safer avenue for investing than stocks and bonds.One of the primary benefits is the non-volatile nature of CDs, providing a guaranteed rate of return. Unlike the unpredictable fluctuations of the stock market, CDs offer locked rates, ensuring a clear and predictable return on your deposit over a specific time period.This assurance is particularly valuable as banks and credit unions are unable to alter the agreed-upon rate, safeguarding your earnings against any future reductions. By locking in your money for the agreed-upon term, you can watch your savings grow steadily while enjoying peace of mind, knowing your investment is well-protected.

Key Takeaways…

  • CDs offer a more secure investment option compared to stocks & bonds. 
  • CDs come with fixed rates. 
  • CDs offer a guaranteed rate of return.

What If I’m Not Ready to Apply?

Not quite ready to apply? Not a problem. If you still feel like you’d like to receive more information about our Certificate of Deposit deal before you apply, speak with one of our representatives today. Once we’re connected, we can schedule a time to review this opportunity.

How Do I Become a Greater Niagara FCU Member?

Anyone who lives, works, worships, attends school, or conducts business in Erie or Niagara County is eligible to apply for membership to Greater Niagara Federal Credit Union. If you have any questions contact us to get started today!